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We can positively influence patterns of future growth and change for communities through effective strategic planning. 

Strategic planning is the reason why some places are better than others. Effective strategic planning helps create great cities, towns and regions which are sustainable, livable, prosperous, healthy and fulfilling. 

Attendees complete this one day course with a straightforward understanding of the steps and skills needed for effective strategic planning. Effective strategic planning is a research based process, which forecasts the issues and constantly monitors the process to ensure trust is built in a two-way conversation with the community and maintained through outcomes. The training style is open and conversational to maximise learning outcomes.

In addition to his professional experience, throughout the program, the Course Director draws the experience of attendees in both their capacity as professionals and members of the community. 

The program identifies the keys to success and the common failings of strategic planning, encouraging an open dialogue on common planning issues. 

Consideration is given to taking forward the outputs of a strategic plan and preparing these outputs for translation into a planning scheme.

This course is useful for both planners and non planners who are working on the development of cities and communities. It provides fresh integrated thinking which can be applied to the development of policy, planning, community engagement, smart cities design, and consultants such as engineers, architects and planners. 

    • Introduction

    • Choices in Planning

    • Strategic Planning

    • Planning Styles

    • Critical Issues in Strategic Planning

    • The Seven Step Process in Detail

    • Implementation in the Planning Scheme



1. Introduction
  • Introducing ourselves

  • Why are you here?

  • Outline of the programme

2.   Choices in Planning
  • Creating good cities, towns and regions

3.  Strategic Planning

  • An ongoing process

  • The elements of strategic planning

  • Research based planning

4. Planning Styles

  • What is your planning style?

  • Past attempts at good planning

  • Integrated planning

5.  Critical Issues In Strategic Planning

  • A simple model

  • Make the community the client

  • Introducing the seven step process

  • Forecasting the issues

6. The Seven Step Process in Detail

  • Plan the process

  • Understand objectives and engage the community

  • Measure and map

  • Imagine the future

  • Agreed objectives

  • Develop frameworks and strategies

  • Develop detailed implementation methods

7. Owning More Than A Hammer – Implementation and The Planning Scheme
  • Types of implementation

  • Planning scheme implementation

  • What planning scheme tools are available to assist you?