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This course is available for in-house bookings. 2018 dates to be confirmed. 

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In this course we look at the best ways to negotiate a successful outcome to internal or external negotiations.

Upon completion of the course attendees will be able to:

  • Recognise the different strategies and tactics that you,  and the other party, can use in negotiating.
  • Negotiate longer lasting and more mutually satisfying  contracts, variations, renewals & internal agreements.
  • Negotiate more successfully with face to face or non‐ face to face, inside and outside the organisation,  including suppliers, customers, stakeholders etc.
  • Describe possible legal problems that can occur in a negotiation.
  • Background to the negotiation
  • Key Fisher and Ury’s ‘Getting to Yes’ tips and traps
  • The different negotiation styles and phases
  • Bargaining power and the outsourcing lifecycle
  • The IACCM ‘Top Terms in Negotiation Report'
  • Common problems faced by inexperienced negotiators
  • Common mistakes in the different negotiation phases
  • Action Planning