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Real projects used as case studies. New case study- Sydney light rail. 

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Resilient and sustainable infrastructure is critical to economic growth and social progress.

This unique two-day masterclass provides participants with a sound understanding of how infrastructure projects are structured from a commercial and financial perspective.

This affects a wide range of consultants involved in shaping infrastructure projects from a planning, design and management perspective.

As evolving trend is for Government to focus on contracting to buy infrastructure services rather than the built form, the approach to planning and procurement needs to change. This is why is it important to focus on output specifications, key performance indicators and understand what mechanisms Government should and should/will have in place to protect itself from project failure. 

 Significant consultancy work relates to due diligence from technical, legal and financial perspectives. Whilst covering a variety of areas, the program is designed to highlight the changes in infrastructure finance, indicating how the PPP model is evolving and what the emerging concept of value capture entails. 

  • Introduction to Project Finance
  • How Government Works
  • Business Cases
  • Procurement Strategy Workshop
  • Risk Allocation
  • Commercial Structuring
  • Financial Structuring
  • The Tendering Process
  • The Evolution of PPPs
  • PPPs in Practice