Date/Location: Sydney Aug 24


One Day Course

Numbers are the language of business. This course is aimed at improving contract professionals’ knowledge of how the numbers work in a business setting and how they can affect an organisation.
  • Recognise when and where a manager needs to critically  understand how the numbers work.
  • Confidently make quicker decisions involving numbers,  which includes pricing, the movement of cash and profits  and capital purchase decision making, remembering that  such decisions may have major consequences for the  organisation
  • Distinguish between cash and profits, and describe why it is important to do so. 

Registration includes full catering  (vegetarians are catered for) and course materials.

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Holding Redlich, Level 65, 19 Martin Place Sydney

24 August 2017
8:30 AM-5:30 PM
$900 +GST by
10 August 2017


Professionals who desire to improve their knowledge of how the numbers work in a business setting and how they can affect an organisation.





Cyril Jankoff

Cyril practiced as a solicitor, accountant, business consultant and financial controller in diverse industries throughout his 30 + year career. His advice has been sought in the creation, costing/pricing, execution, management and litigation of many commercial contracts. Cyril has over 20 years experience as a forensic accountant and expert witness where he investigated and acted as an expert witness in the litigation of many commercial contracts, and saw the devastating effects of poorly created and managed contracts on organisations and their individuals. He has assisted the Australian Corporate Lawyers Association (ACLA) in their July 2012 Reforming Australian Contract Law submission to the Australian Government. Cyril is the Author of Manage Your Contracts.