New Laws Affecting Contracts



The laws relating to commercial contracts, procurement and corporate compliance are changing now faster than ever


This course will:

  • Go through the recent changes in the law
  • Provide you with invaluable insights into how best to comply with these laws
  • Using these new laws to your advantage
  • Take you through important changes to your sourcing documents (procurement and contractual) to ensure compliance and give you the strategic advantage in your dealings
  • Include interactive workshops to consolidate the learning outcomes and objectives.

In the last year or so we have seen significant changes in:

1. Unfair Contracts
2. Dealings with small business
3. Insolvency and termination rights in contracts arising from insolvency events
4. Privacy
5. Data and data breaches
6. Modern slavery and abuse in supply chains
7. Retention of Title regimes and statutory protection of security interests

Not being across these legal changes and updates will have consequences for you including:

1. Finding that your contract clauses are void
2. Liability for Contract damages arising from terminating where you had no right to (repudiation)
3. $1.1 m fines
4. Loss of property and assets to a receiver or creditor that you have superior title to
5. Loss of reputation
6. Loss of business
7. Being at a commercial disadvantage

Register now and listen to our resident expert on commercial contracts and procurement to gain an update on and insight to these important changes.



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    Practising for in both the private and public sector, Scott Alden works on large strategic projects and infrastructure projects, and advises clients in relation to commercial contracts, procurement and probity.

    Scott has specific expertise in government and commercial law, infrastructure projects, general contractual and legislative advice and the tendering process and commercial contracts of all kinds and sizes and for all industries.

    Scott is a Partner at Holding Redlich. He has experience in major developments such as government capital and services procurement and infrastructure contracts and performance.

    Scott is also highly regarded in the areas of government, water, defence, public transport infrastructure (buses, trains and ferries), IT requirements, tertiary institutions (universities) and ports.

    Scott is a member of the Law Council Building and Construction (Infrastructure) Committee, a guest lecturer at the University of Melbourne (Masters of Construction Law Program), past chair of the Business Law Committee of the Law Society of NSW, as well as a past Councillor of the NSW Law Society and current executive member of the Commonwealth Law Association. 


    "Metis Contract Law Fundamentals course was very well run and provided a wealth of information regarding the use and implementation of contracts. The course director was well spoken, has a wealth of experience that he was more than happy to share. The course materials are very detailed and will definitely be used as a reference in my future work."

    Project Manager, Aver - Kieron McIlvin


       "I found the course very informative. It opened our eyes to the specific clauses, issues, and cases that have an impact on our business. Scott delivered the course very professionally, and I would recommend this course to anyone."


    Attallah Awad -Draycon Building



    "I, Jane Alatli of Federation Lawyers attended an extremely informative seminar on Contract Law. Scott provided me with thorough explanations of the most updated law and provided practical experience to demonstrate this."

    Jane Alatli, Principal -Federation Lawyers


    "Exceptional programme with very relevant anecdotal information. Very good material."


    Adrian Timmins, Associate - Grimshaw Architects


    "I would recommend the course to other commercial people."


    Nathan Kemp 
    Laing O Rourke


    "I as a part of Draycon building, was able to understand the fundamentals of contract law. Scott and Alexia did a great job in keeping everyone engaged. We found the course to be informative and we would definitely recommend. Thank you!"

    James Salloum, Project Coordinator 
    Draycon Building


    "Today enabled me to feel confident negotiating contract terms- I was previously not. The content was delivered in a way which was excellent and engaging."

    Kate Snell, Assistant QS 
    Laing ORourke


    "As a lawyer working with contracts and in a variety of industries including technology, construction and media, even with the legal background, I found the Contract Law Fundamentals seminar refreshingly insightful and continue to utilise many of the skills I learnt in my everyday practise. A must for anybody working with contracts in any industry!"

    Lawyer, Elliot Ford