1. Introduction to Contract Management

·       Definition of Contract Management

·       Effective upstream and downstream management of the contract award

·       Why contract management is necessary

·       What makes for successful contract management

2. Performance Based Contracts - Explained and Explored.

·       What is a Performance Based Contract?

·       Characteristics of a Performance Based Contract

·       KPI’s in Performance Based Contracts

·       Data collection on performance indicators

·       Legal position of KPI’s in Performance Based Contracts

·       Case study

3. Getting it Right Early, Specific Contract Management Issues

·       Contract Management Prerequisites

·       Contract Management Manual

·       Risk / Risk Analysis / Risk Assessment

·       Payments

4. Contract Governance-The Personalities and the Roles

·       Who is responsible for contract management

·       Relationships & Stakeholders

·       Managing the Procurement

·       Key roles: Superintendents, Representatives, Project Managers

·       Supplier Performance Review Meeting

·       Case study

5. Claims Management

·       Managing claims generally and types of claims

·       Contract Variations

·       Extensions of time (EOT’s)

·       Delay Costs

·       Defective Material or Work

6. Tips for Better Contract Management

·       Contract Review

·       Ending the contract: termination & disputes

·       Avoiding common errors and lessons for managers

·       Case Study

7. General Q&A Session