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If you want a competitive edge, keep learning.

Even the sharpest tool needs to be sharpened from time to time. In a fiercely competitive industry our boutique training organisation equips professionals with the skills they need to thrive. So, what makes us special you ask? Lots.

Being a boutique firm, our clients are front and centre of everything that we do. This personal touch is extended to our Course Directors, who have been hand-selected for their outstanding professional experience and training capabilities.

Delivery is available through both open / public courses and in-house. When required we can prepare bespoke in-house training to meet the needs of individual clients. In addition we offer competitive discounts for group bookings and referrals.

We understand the challenges of taking time away from the office, so we make the most of your time. To add further value, we design the course to encourage networking. Our vision is for all attendees to leave with new knowledge and contacts.

Understanding how our training will apply to continual professional development requirements isn't easy. So we've produced an online CPD guide to help.

Addressing the audience at Invest Liverpool, a forum held by the Liverpool City Council

Alexia Lidas

"I often meet individuals working in roles that require skills outside of the area in which, they are professionally trained. While this is a positive indicator that they have been identified as leaders, it is likely that they would benefit from training to support their transition into a new role, or responsibility. I have literally witnessed the ah-ha moment for individuals, and I take great satisfaction knowing that our training will positively impact their performance and workplace happiness."

Alexia Lidas has worked within business and industry and as an external advisor to, with particular focus to the Built and Natural Environment and Non-for-Profit Sectors. 

Prior to launching the Metis Group, she led industry association Consult Australia's NSW (Sydney) Office; representing members' views on issues such as procurement, contractual issues, infrastructure financing mechanisms, diversity, community and stakeholder engagement. She has also represented other community groups, including the Returned Services League (RSL), Entrepreneurs and start ups. She has led many businesses to success with what is seemingly the most simple, yet effective strategies. 

She is a passionate advocate, collaborator and strategist, who enjoys connecting industry with ideas. A trusted advisor many private and public steering committees and lobby groups. 

Metis fosters the development of cities and communities through knowledge and collaboration within our two key areas of service:

  • Professional Development 

  • Strategic Advisory

Active and engaged

Engagement is in our ethos. At Metis we're active members of the business community. Take a look at some of the organisations we're involved with below.