About Us


Metis is an advisory firm dedicated to helping organisations navigate strategically, manage change, mitigate risk and resolve problems. We work with our clients through a combination of consulting and ongoing capability building. 

Our consultants are leaders within their field, recognised for the depth of their knowledge and a track record of making an impact.  


Addressing the audience at Invest Liverpool, a forum held by the Liverpool City Council

Alexia Lidas has worked within business and industry and as an external advisor to, with particular focus to the Built and Natural Environment and Non-for-Profit Sectors. 

Prior to launching the Metis Group, she led industry association Consult Australia's NSW (Sydney) Office; representing members' views on issues such as procurement, contractual issues, infrastructure financing mechanisms, diversity, community and stakeholder engagement. She has also represented other community groups, including the Returned Services League (RSL), Entrepreneurs and start ups. She has led many businesses to success with what is seemingly the most simple, yet effective strategies. 

She is a passionate advocate, collaborator and strategist, who enjoys connecting industry with ideas. A trusted advisor many private and public steering committees and lobby groups. 

Engagement is in our ethos. At Metis we're active members of the business community. Take a look at some of the organisations we're involved with below.