Melbourne builders start open dialogue with consumers

A Melbourne building firm is starting an open dialogue with consumers in a bid to help improve the sector's reputation.

Roda Developments was established in 2006 and prides itself on an ethos of deep building knowledge as well as a shared vision of personalised client service, integrity, and high quality workmanship.

However, numerous inquiries into the building industry over recent years has shown scores of disputes between consumers and building practitioners, which has prompted the Melbourne-based firm to act.

An Auditor-General inquiry in 2015 found that disputes were rife within the Victorian domestic building industry, with 28 per cent of people who engage tradespeople to help them build or renovate their home experiencing problems.

The most common problem, accounting for 63 per cent of complaints, was poor workmanship.

"Like any industry, unfortunately there are good and bad operators and the bad ones seem to get all the press coverage," Roda Developments co-director Rob Romanella said.

"We pride ourselves on more than a decade of quality workmanship and a number of happy clients so we decided that starting an open dialogue with consumers could be a way of promoting the myriad positives in our industry."

Co-directors Rob Romanella and David Maiolo were brought together as carpenters on some of Melbourne’s largest developments and both have a long family history in the building industry.

Together with cutting-edge Melbourne production company GLUE Content,
Roda Developments has developed an #AskRODA video initiative that will feature both directors answering questions directly from consumers as well as the most common consumer queries.

Mr Maiolo said the monthly videos would create a direct communication between builders and consumers, with no questions off the table.

"Some consumers can find talking to builders intimidating, but we want to showcase that there are many professionals out there who will happily provide you with honest and upfront information about our sector," Mr Maiolo said. 

"We all want an industry we can be proud of – and we already have a sector that is filled with professional operators like us – but perhaps there is more work that can be done."

Some of the most common questions that consumers ask and Roda Developments will answer include:

  • What happens if a builder goes bankrupt?
  • What are five things you should ask your builder? What happens if you change your mind during a build?
  • What are the main causes of delays?
  • What warranties do builders offer?
  • What maintenance is included after handover?
The #AskRODA videos will launch in August 2017 and can be accessed via the website and Facebook page.

Consumers can send their questions directly to Roda Developments by emailing or by using the hashtag #AskRODA on social media.
Roda Developments is a registered building practitioner with the Victorian Building Authority and is a member of the Housing Industry Association.




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